The Videos To Make A Song Go Viral On TikTok

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In the last video, I mentioned that we’re in the golden age of music promotion. Never before has it been easier to make your song a hit through your own efforts and a bit of research. However, I noticed some comments from folks wanting an exact roadmap. Some of you were even a bit rude about it, which stings a little given my meager earnings from ad views. But because I’m such a benevolent soul, here’s the most extreme promotion strategy for your song. If you love this video, share it with another musician friend.

Now, before we get into the nitty-gritty of video creation, remember this might feel overwhelming. I myself am too busy to make a TikTok every day. But since I’m not aiming to be a famous musician until I’m in my 70s, like my favorite group The Northern Boys, I’ve got time to grow.

One of my best hacks is this: many of you have your song’s hook and tempo figured out months before release. Whenever you’re in a cool setting or with someone interesting, make videos in advance so they’re ready to drop when your song releases. TikTok allows you to save drafts, making it easy to post later. If you have three songs ready, film three different videos in the same location; no one will remember months later that they were shot in the same spot.

Next, a warning: teasing your song on TikTok works well if you already have a sizable fan base. If not, it’s better to post videos after the song’s release so viewers can immediately stream it and deepen their connection with you. Patience pays off here.

Also, remember that both high-quality and raw content do well on TikTok. Just make sure your videos have engaging visuals or scenarios. Create a new TikTok account for studying the platform; spend two hours liking and commenting on musicians’ videos and bookmarking exceptional ones for inspiration.

Now let’s talk tools: CapCut and DaVinci Resolve are free and excellent for editing your videos. Most importantly, investigate 20 artists similar to you on Spotify and check out their TikToks. Note down their hashtags—skip generic ones like “musician” and “FYP”—and use specific ones that target niches.

Ready to make some videos? Start easy with 5-10 lip sync or performance videos. These are simple but effective if done with compelling movement and lyrics on screen.

Next, create five POV (point-of-view) videos where you play your song’s hook and describe an emotion or scenario that fits the music. Captions are crucial here; keep them engaging but not too long.

Then, make five behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos showing your life outside the studio—at photo shoots or just hanging out. Show personality and vulnerability; people love relatable content.

For concept videos, brainstorm potential trends that could fit your song’s lyrics or themes. Study what’s trending on TikTok and adapt those ideas to your content.

Create three artist context videos comparing yourself to other artists in your genre or inserting yourself into discussions about popular records.

Fill out the rest of your content calendar with 1-10 overlay text videos using stock footage or cool visuals that match your song’s mood.

If you’ve received user-generated content (UGC), repost it or stitch it into your own videos. This not only spreads your song but also engages fans directly. Consider doing an open verse challenge where followers add their own verses to your hook—this can really help spread your music.

Lastly, collaboration is key on TikTok. Whether it’s stitching user-generated content or collaborating with other musicians in your genre, these interactions can expand both of your audiences significantly.

In conclusion, while this guide gives you a solid foundation for promoting your music on TikTok, understanding how posts blow up is crucial for growing your fan base. Be sure to watch my 60-day plan for blowing up your single using YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels as well. Thanks for watching!

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