The Most Genius TikToks To Make Your Song Go Viral

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In today’s digital age, TikTok has become a crucial platform for musicians to promote their work and connect with fans. Leveraging the platform effectively can make a significant difference in a band’s visibility and fan engagement. This guide explores various strategies and examples of musicians who have successfully utilized TikTok to boost their careers.

Comparing Yourself to Other Artists

One effective strategy on TikTok is to compare yourself to another artist, creating context and drawing attention. For instance, the band Cheem cleverly linked their work to 100 Gecs, a genre-defining band in the hyperpop movement. By doing so, they positioned themselves within a trending conversation, which is a powerful tactic for gaining visibility.


  • Cheem: Created a video referencing 100 Gecs and highlighting their unique blend of nu-metal, pop punk, hyperpop, and ska, while also showcasing remixes by other hyperpop artists. This approach capitalized on the buzz around 100 Gecs’ new release and inserted Cheem into the broader music discussion.

Stealing Ideas with a Twist

Instead of brainstorming content ideas from scratch, observe and adapt successful concepts from your favorite artists. By tweaking these ideas to fit your style, you can enhance their impact and make them your own.


  • Band Collaboration: One band studied similar artists’ TikToks, identified successful videos, and brainstormed ways to improve or personalize them. This process, involving additional brainstorming, often led to more engaging and creative content.

Showcasing Authenticity and Simplicity

Authenticity resonates well on TikTok. Showcasing raw, unpolished content can be more relatable and engaging than highly produced videos.


  • Apes of State: This punk band exemplifies simplicity by filming videos in a home setting. Despite the lack of major production, their authenticity and genuine punk spirit make their content compelling.

Community Building and Collaboration

Building a community around your music involves engaging with peers and fans. Collaborating with other artists and interacting with your audience can foster a supportive network that amplifies your reach.


  • Brainstorming Sessions: Musicians who lack a strong community can start by collaborating with friends or other bands to share ideas and feedback, leading to better content creation.

Highlighting Musical Clichés and Humor

Using humor to highlight clichés within your genre can attract fans who appreciate inside jokes and deep knowledge of the scene.


  • Folk Punk Vocal Styles: A musician humorously identified and mimicked vocal styles within folk punk, using niche hashtags to target specific audiences. This deep understanding of the genre and humor resonated with fellow music nerds.

Utilizing Simple Yet Effective Production

Even simple production techniques can yield significant engagement. Using basic lighting, camera angles, and lyric overlays can make your videos visually appealing.


  • Emo Music Video: A musician used inexpensive LED lights and a single camera angle, combined with motion and lyric overlays, to create an engaging video. The addition of a personal story in the top comments further enhanced engagement.

Capturing Live Performances

Recording live performances and capturing memorable moments can entice viewers to attend your shows.


  • Papa Roach: Known for their excellent TikTok presence, they frequently post videos showcasing cool moments at their concerts. This not only highlights their live show’s energy but also builds a sense of community.

Creating Relatable and Engaging Content

Relatability is key on TikTok. Sharing personal stories, emotions, or common experiences can create a strong connection with viewers.


  • Honey’s Revenge: A band posted a video with a simple yet engaging caption and a personal story, leading to high engagement and relatability.

Tapping into Niche Genres and Subcultures

Identifying and targeting niche genres can help musicians stand out in a crowded space. Being a prominent figure within a specific niche can attract a dedicated following.


  • Windrose: This band leverages their unique niche in the European power metal scene by embracing their gimmick and highlighting their live performances.

Encouraging Fan Participation

Encouraging fans to engage with your content by asking questions or challenging them to share can significantly boost interaction.


  • Interactive Prompts: Windrose used a group chant video, asking viewers to share with friends who would enjoy it, fostering community and engagement.

Leveraging Humor and Controversy

Humor and light-hearted controversy can drive engagement and discussions in the comments, boosting video performance.


  • Bonginator: This metal band shared humorous hot takes on popular bands, sparking lively discussions and increasing visibility.

Promoting Inclusivity and Positive Messaging

Clapbacks to negative comments or misconceptions can be powerful, especially when done positively and inclusively.


  • Apes of State: The band responded to a negative comment about their genre by promoting inclusivity and encouraging new musicians to join the folk punk community.

Final Thoughts

TikTok offers a myriad of opportunities for musicians to showcase their creativity, connect with fans, and grow their careers. By learning from successful examples and employing these strategies, musicians can effectively leverage TikTok to enhance their visibility and engagement.

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