Musicians Best 60 Day TikTok/Reels/Shorts Song Promotion Plan

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Nearly two years ago, I shared a 60-day plan to help you promote your music. Many of you found it incredibly helpful in gaining new fans and providing a structured approach to follow. However, with changes in technology and new apps available for music promotion, it’s time to update the plan. In this guide, I’ll walk you through a revised 60-day plan using my joke band Incel Hypebeast’s new hit song “Industry Plant-Based God” as an example. I’ll show you what to post each day to maximize your song’s exposure and effectiveness.

Preparing for Promotion

Before diving into the promotion, ensure you have the next two songs you’re going to promote produced, mixed, and mastered. Additionally, have the album cover videos, lyric videos, and music videos completed for these songs. Having content ready in advance is crucial for maintaining consistent, sustained promotion. This preparation allows you to stay ahead even when unexpected events occur, ensuring your promotion efforts remain uninterrupted.

Consistency is Key

Consistency in promotion helps you be perceived as a serious artist, which can lead to more opportunities. The music industry favors those who consistently make significant moves and show dedication to their craft. By having all your promotional content ready, you can stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on any opportunities that arise.

Choosing the Best Release Day

Release your song on a Wednesday. The best days to release music are Tuesday through Thursday. Avoid releasing on Fridays, as major artists flood the market, making it harder for your music to stand out. Weekends have less internet and social media traffic, and Mondays are busy with people catching up on work. Therefore, Tuesday through Thursday is ideal.

Daily Promotion Strategy

The promotion plan focuses on daily, small efforts rather than an all-day grind. Release day and music video release day are the only days for intensive social media activity. On other days, provide steady reminders and storytelling to keep your audience engaged without overwhelming them.

Release Day: Day 1

On release day, put out your song on all streaming services and release a single-screen video on YouTube. Make a lot of noise to create awareness. However, remember that TikTok works differently than other platforms. Videos are often watched over time, so don’t rely solely on the first day’s performance. Start with a strong TikTok idea, but save your best content for later.

Day 2: Storytelling

Tell a story about your song on Instagram to maintain interest. Keep conversations around the song’s story and engage with your audience. On TikTok, post another video of the song, such as a text overlay video with lyrics. Use platforms like Storyblocks, Envato, or Unsplash for background footage.

Day 3: Playlist Updates and TikToks

Update your Spotify artist playlist with new releases and songs from artists similar to you. Promote this playlist on Twitter and Instagram stories. Add the video of your album cover to your YouTube playlist and share it. On TikTok, post another video, showing behind-the-scenes footage or fun content with your song playing.

Weekend: Days 4 and 5

Keep promotions light on the weekend. Share personality posts and show how people could feel if they listened to your new song. Create content that’s fun and engaging without over-promotion.

TikTok Formula for the First 30 Videos

  1. 5-10 lip-sync or performance videos
  2. 5 POV videos: Show the emotion someone would feel listening to your song.
  3. 5 behind-the-scenes videos: Show your lifestyle with your song playing.
  4. 5-10 concept videos: Follow or create trends based on your lyrics.
  5. 1-10 overlay text videos: Caption your lyrics over suitable background footage.

Day 6: Cross-Platform Promotion

Make a Facebook post and share it on your Instagram stories. Remind your fans to follow you on their preferred platform. Repost tweets on Instagram stories to hint that fans should follow you on Twitter.

Day 7: More Storytelling

Share more about the story behind your song. Post behind-the-scenes videos or different aspects of the song’s story. Review which videos did best and schedule them for YouTube shorts.

Day 8: Vulnerability

Share something vulnerable related to your song to engage your audience. This builds a deeper connection and keeps them interested.

Day 9: Contextualization

Post imagery with your song playing to reinforce the hook. Use scenes from movies, memes, or personal activities to keep the hook in your followers’ minds.

Day 10: Spotify Music and Talk

Create a Spotify music and talk episode, playing music you like and discussing it. Tag smaller groups on Instagram and Twitter to expand your reach.

Day 11 and 12: Weekend Activities

Repeat activities from the previous weekend. Schedule posts for late night or early morning to catch different audiences.

Day 13: Ask for a Follow

Ask for Spotify follows using a hyper-follow link. Capitalize on people’s enthusiasm and get more followers to appear in more release radar playlists for future releases.

Day 14: Story Variation

Revisit the story shared on day one with variations. Create memes or beautiful imagery to give new ways to experience your song’s emotion.

Day 15: Release Lyric Video

Release your lyric video or visualizer. Discuss the visuals or mood of the song and expand on specific lyrics.

Day 16: Playlist Updates

Remind people about the lyric video and add it to your YouTube playlist. Ensure your song is in all your Spotify playlists and share those updates.

Day 17: Share Spotify Playlist

Share your updated Spotify playlist and tag similar artists. Make sure to share each time your hook happens in your lyric video and post it to TikTok.

Day 18 and 19: Weekend Schedule

Continue with weekend activities and try scheduling posts for early morning on Sunday to reach a different audience.

Day 20: Instagram Live

Go live on Instagram with everyone who worked on the song or another artist. Their followers will see you and hopefully discover your music.

Day 21: Creative Promotion

Find unique ways to talk about your song. Share stories from recording, references from the lyrics, or other interesting aspects.

Day 22: Focus on Lyrics

Highlight a specific lyric and tell a story about it. Make playful connections to other songs with similar themes.

Day 23: Storytelling

Share another variation of your song’s story on Instagram.

Day 24: Update Music and Talk

Update your music and talk episode, possibly with a guest, to reach new audiences.

Day 25 and 26: Weekend Q&A

Engage your audience with a Q&A on Instagram. Use Instagram’s functions to drive engagement and promote your song.

Day 27: Flashback

Share a flashback to your past and relate it to your new song. Show your journey and engage your audience with your story.

Day 28: Preview Music Video

Post a striking image to preview your music video. Review your TikToks and create improved versions of the best-performing ones.

Day 29: Release Music Video

Release your music video and promote it heavily. Use TikTok to turn your music video into multiple posts to reinforce the song’s hook.

Day 30: Post-Release Push

Continue promoting the music video heavily. Add the video to your playlist, update YouTube stories, and share the video’s story.

Day 31: Update Spotify Playlist

Update your similar artist playlist on Spotify and tag new artists. Share user-generated content and review what’s working on TikTok.

Day 32-33: Behind the Scenes

Share behind-the-scenes footage from your music video. Create curiosity by showing the imagery and process.

Day 34: Interaction Highlights

Share fun interactions from YouTube or Instagram that show your personality and shed light on your song.

Day 35: Instagram Live with Collaborators

Go live with collaborators involved in the video. Play the video and discuss it with them.

Day 36: Visuals from the Video

Highlight specific visuals from your music video and make a post about them.

Day 37: Hard at Work

Share a picture of you working on upcoming songs, showing how the current song is influencing new work.

Day 38: Music and Talk

Update your music and talk set to keep promoting your new song to fans of similar music.

Day 39 and 40: Weekend Analytics

Mix up weekend techniques based on analytics. Promote your music video based on what worked best.

Day 41: YouTube Stories

Ensure you’re posting behind-the-scenes content on YouTube stories and continue promoting your music video.

Day 42: Internet Thirst Trap

Post a nostalgic picture with your song’s hook on Instagram and TikTok. Review user-generated content and post the best on YouTube shorts.

Day 43-60: Sustained Promotion

Either start promoting a new song or release an alternate version of the current song. Continue pushing your song until the next release, using the strategies outlined above to maintain momentum.


By following this updated 60-day promotion plan, you can effectively promote your music in 2024. Stay consistent, engage with your audience, and utilize various platforms to maximize your song’s exposure. For more detailed guides on TikTok, Spotify, and YouTube promotions, check the links in the description. Thanks for watching!

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