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Musformation Labs ($5 a month)

Every week you get an hour long video where Jesse Cannon shows you how musicians are changing their lives by getting people to finally hear their music. In each video we dissect an artist that has been suggested by the members who has recently blown up and break down exactly how they did it. We also break down the cheat codes for how artists in nice genres regularly break out and show you what to focus on and what not to focus on. We also recap new trends, or news that could help you break your music as apps, algorithms and platforms change. We end each installment with a Q&A every week where I answer your questions live on air and put a lot of effort into answering them thoroughly. 

Musformation Calls ($200/hour)

Many of you have heard so much advice its hard to know what YOU should do so you need to talk to someone who can talk you through it. Jesse personally does each call giving you an hour of undivided attention. Whether you just have questions, want to brainstorm ideast, discuss how you can find the best team or collaborators we are happy to talk. We have you fill out a quick form beforehand so we can make sure we are the right fit for a call and then you can schedule it. You get a recording, notes and transcript of the call and credit for anytime you don’t use to be used on a future call. After doing calls with over 2500+ different musicians we have never been asked for a refund because we make sure everyone we take on is a good fit.

Musformation Growth ($999-$10,000)

Some of you need need a bi-weekly call to align strategy with growth. We only take on artists we feel we can be helpful in your growth and are ready for this stage of strategy. While you may have the money we try to only do this with people we feel we can help. We pride ourselves on these relationships as none have lasted less than 36 months.

If You Don’t Know What’s Right For You Email Us And We Will Help You 🤔