How Good Neighbours Got 100 Million Streams In 60 Days On Their First Song

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Musicians often express frustration with outdated marketing advice, especially when seeking ways to achieve monumental streaming success. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into new, effective techniques that have propelled artists from obscurity to achieving hundreds of millions of streams. By sticking around until the end, you’ll uncover invaluable strategies to elevate your music promotion game.

Understanding the Current State of Music Promotion

Before diving into specific techniques, it’s crucial to grasp the current state of music promotion. The landscape is ever-evolving, with various platforms rising and falling in popularity. One of the most effective strategies today is diversification.

Diversify Your Presence Across Platforms

Recently, an eye-opening chart from a leading analytics firm revealed daily app usage among users, highlighting interesting trends for musicians. While many focused on Twitter’s decline due to its controversial changes, the more significant takeaway for musicians is the slight dip in TikTok’s dominance. Despite ongoing concerns about a potential TikTok ban, the platform is likely here to stay, albeit potentially under new ownership.

Savvy artists like Sophie Powers leverage this uncertainty by encouraging followers to connect across multiple platforms. Diversifying your following ensures you’re not left stranded if one platform declines. If you have a content schedule, consider adding prompts to suggest following you on other platforms every 30 to 60 days. This could involve sharing a thread on Instagram Stories, mentioning that your handle is the same across all platforms, or simply reminding your audience to connect elsewhere.

Leverage TikTok for Explosive Growth

Our second technique involves harnessing the power of TikTok for explosive growth. The band Good Neighbors exemplifies this with their single, which garnered nearly 100 million streams on Spotify within 60 days. This remarkable success stems from a well-crafted TikTok strategy that focuses on creating emotionally resonant content.

Good Neighbors effectively used imagery from popular culture, such as the movie “Normal People,” paired with their song’s lyrics. This combination evokes strong emotions, compelling viewers to listen to the song. By aligning visuals with music, they tapped into a powerful emotional connection, driving engagement and streams.

Moreover, Good Neighbors mastered the art of repetition. They iterated on successful video formats, refining them while maintaining consistency. By using a two-slide format—one with a prompt and another with lyrics—they maximized engagement without needing to dance or show their faces. This method demonstrates that emotionally compelling content can be just as effective as more traditional viral tactics.

Broadening the Appeal Beyond Pop Music

But what if your music isn’t pop? Similar techniques can work across various genres, as evidenced by the band Love Rarely. They employed repeated, emotionally resonant content on TikTok, achieving impressive numbers despite being in a niche genre. Success in smaller genres may not yield huge numbers initially, but consistency and persistence pay off over time. The key takeaway here is to iterate on successful content, align your music with strong emotional prompts, and consistently use the same hook to ensure it becomes memorable.

Utilize Multiple Platforms for Short-Form Content

The third tip is to post the same short-form content across multiple platforms—TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts. Instagram has notably caught up to TikTok in terms of engaging users with music. Many artists, myself included, find it easier to build a following on Instagram than on TikTok. However, the key is to experiment and determine which platform works best for you.

Examining Good Neighbors’ strategy reveals that some videos garnered massive views on Instagram, while others performed better on TikTok. This highlights the importance of diversifying your efforts across platforms. By doing so, you maximize your reach and increase the chances of your content being discovered.

Capitalize on the Rise of Threads

The fourth and final tip involves capitalizing on the decline of Twitter and the rise of Threads. Threads, integrated with Instagram, allows users to automatically follow their Instagram connections, providing a seamless way to grow your audience. This platform also exposes users to content from accounts they don’t follow, increasing the chances of discovery.

Threads offers a low-effort yet effective platform to enhance your reach and engagement. By interacting on Threads and leveraging your text-based content, you can attract new followers who might be interested in your music. This strategy ensures that your announcements and updates reach a broader audience, boosting your overall promotional efforts.

The Power of Emotional Alignment

One of the underlying principles of successful music promotion is emotional alignment. Good Neighbors’ TikTok strategy works because it aligns their song with strong emotional prompts and imagery. Music is a mood-altering experience, and tapping into the right emotions can significantly enhance your engagement.

When creating content, think about how your music makes listeners feel and find visuals and prompts that amplify those emotions. Whether it’s the joy of falling in love, the nostalgia of a past relationship, or the excitement of a new adventure, aligning your content with these feelings can drive deeper connections with your audience.

Iterate and Improve Upon Successful Content

Repetition and iteration are vital components of successful music marketing. When you find a format or style that resonates with your audience, don’t be afraid to repeat and refine it. Good Neighbors’ continuous iteration on their successful TikTok format is a testament to this strategy’s effectiveness.

Each time you repeat a successful format, think about how you can improve it. Small tweaks and enhancements can lead to significant gains in engagement and streams. The key is to stay consistent while always looking for ways to elevate your content.

Maximize Engagement Across Platforms

Engagement is a crucial factor in algorithm-driven platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The more engagement your content receives, the more likely it is to be promoted by the platform’s algorithm. Responding to comments, asking questions, and encouraging interactions can boost your engagement levels.

For instance, downloading the YouTube Studio app and responding to comments quickly can help maintain a conversation with your viewers. Asking open-ended questions in your comments can also encourage more interaction. This increased engagement signals to the platform’s algorithm that your content is valuable, leading to more exposure.

Utilize End Screens and Playlists for Continued Engagement

When it comes to YouTube, using end screens and playlists effectively can significantly enhance your channel’s performance. End screens allow you to promote other videos or playlists at the end of your content, encouraging viewers to continue watching your material. This increases your watch time, a critical factor for YouTube’s algorithm.

Creating playlists is another powerful tool. Organize your content into playlists that make it easy for viewers to discover more of your music. For example, create playlists for music videos, lyric videos, behind-the-scenes content, and live performances. This not only improves the user experience but also keeps viewers on your channel longer.

Promote Your Music Videos Effectively

Music videos are significant events in your promotional calendar. To maximize their impact, link them prominently on your Linktree, Koji, or Rivet community page. Regularly remind your audience about these videos, share scenes from them in shorts, and post them on Instagram and TikTok.

YouTube’s shorts feature allows you to link to your full-length video, providing a seamless way for viewers to discover more of your content. Utilize this feature to drive traffic from short-form content to your full-length music videos.

Experiment and Adapt

Finally, remember that the digital landscape is always changing. What works today might not be as effective tomorrow. Stay flexible and be willing to experiment with new platforms and strategies. Pay attention to what works best for your music and audience, and adapt your approach accordingly.

For example, if you find that Instagram is driving more engagement than TikTok, focus more efforts there. Conversely, if a new platform emerges that aligns with your music’s style and audience, be ready to explore it.

Threads: The New Frontier

As mentioned earlier, Threads is an emerging platform that offers unique opportunities for musicians. Its integration with Instagram means you can effortlessly diversify your following. Additionally, Threads’ algorithm promotes content from accounts users don’t follow, increasing your chances of reaching new audiences.

Engage actively on Threads by sharing text-based content, updates, and interacting with other users. This platform’s low-effort nature makes it an excellent addition to your promotional toolkit.

Conclusion: Consistency and Adaptability are Key

In summary, modern music marketing requires a combination of consistency, emotional alignment, and adaptability. Diversify your presence across platforms, leverage TikTok and Instagram for explosive growth, and engage actively with your audience. Utilize end screens, playlists, and effective promotion strategies to maximize your reach.

Remember, the digital landscape is constantly evolving. Stay informed about new trends and platforms, and be ready to adapt your strategies accordingly. By implementing these techniques and continually refining your approach, you can achieve substantial growth and reach millions of streams.

While these strategies are crucial, understanding how to make algorithms work in your favor is equally important. For a deeper dive into algorithm-friendly techniques, watch the video linked at the end of this summary. By implementing these strategies and continually learning, you can effectively grow your fan base and achieve substantial streams on your music.

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