Musformation Calls ($200/hour)

For over a decade I have consulted for countless bands, brands, start-ups, etc on both marketing, strategy for album rollouts, social media and overall creative direction.

Some highlights include working with the following: Atlantic/Elektra Records on content strategy and development, Vagrant Records on documenting and promoting their catalog, Release strategy for #1 Comedy album on the Billboard Charts for Dr. Demento Covered in Punk,  The Daily Beast on launching a Top 5 podcast brand, Man Overboard on developing a popular merch lineFoxing on establishing themselves as more than another emo band,  Manic Merch on launching a service popular with musicians, Transit on building a fanbase, Somos on creative direction and marketing,  developing a popular merch brand with Leftover Crack & Choking Victim, and countless others.

I offer the following services:

  1. Consulting calls to answer questions and build a general direction.
  2. Consistent strategy and development of a marketing strategy and creative direction on a retainer basis.

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